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Thread: Borderlands 2 WARNING golden key warning

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    Borderlands 2 WARNING golden key warning

    When you see the gold box with the skulls, in Sanctuary. This is the box, that uses the golden key. There is NO warning, that you are using the key!! It's best to not open that chest, until your a higher level. If you rushed it like me, there is still a way to obtain another key. At the main menu, go to extras. Sign up for Shift and you will receive a key once you confirm your email. If you haven't used your key already, you will have 2 keys

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    Yeah I lost one key that way :-(

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    lost one as well. thats what I get for playing tired.
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    Thanks Jed! Didn't know we could get a second key.

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    Yep I fell for the golden Weapons box and no keys left ( I walk inside, it's like lights and angel singing saying open me open me and I did). I should of known it was a trick LOL

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    Thanks! We just started playing the first one, so thats going to be great to know when we get there.

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    Had my second key before...whew

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